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Under the Scope: Celebrating Local LGBTQ+ Achievements (Feb 2024)

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Under the Scope: Celebrating Local LGBTQ+ Achievements

Integrated Care Northamptonshire (ICN) is excited to bring you an in-depth conversation about the importance of LGBTQ+ equality and inclusion within our health and care workforce.

LGBTQ+ History Month is an annual celebration that provides education and insight into the issues faced by the LGBTQ+ community and works to combat prejudice against them.

This year, the theme for LGBTQ+ History month is Medicine – #UnderTheScope, celebrating LGBTQ+ people’s contributions to the field of medicine and healthcare, both historically and today.

This Leadership Matters Conversation shines a light on local achievements within Northamptonshire, where you will hear about LGBTQ+ achievements in medicine, in the workplace and the positive impact that LGBTQ+ reverse mentoring has had on senior leadership.

Split into two parts, the session includes a discussion from Anamika Joshi, NHFT’s Equality and Engagement Manager, on the fantastic work NHFT has done as a Stonewall Diversity Champion, while Aaron Scott from North Northamptonshire Council and Alison Gilmour from NHFT talk about their experiences with the Reverse Mentoring programme.

Keeping You and Your Team Safe and Well (Dec 2023, Jan 2024)

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Keeping You and Your Team Safe and Well 

For all sorts of reasons, the end of a year and the beginning of a new year can bring many challenges. It's a time of year that often puts pressure on us. You may find Christmas stressful because of other events in your life. You may also feel alone or left out because everyone else seems happy when you're not.

Research shows that the Christmas period often brings with it a reported increase in police call-outs for incidents of domestic abuse. Also, whilst the start of the new year brings the hope of a fresh start for many, for others it creates an emotional low period often referred to as the “New Year's blues.” In fact, feelings of depression, anxiety, nervousness and even dread are quite common during the first few weeks of January.

Integrated Care Northamptonshire, in partnership with Citizens Advice, Northamptonshire Domestic Abuse Service and NHS mental health practitioners, is hosting two events to support you and your team over Christmas and New Year.

Session 1 (recorded on Tuesday 5 December 2023)

Session 2 (recorded on Tuesday 30 January 2024)

Caring for Your Future (November 2023)

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Caring for Your Future  (November 2023)

In this Leadership Matters Conversations event held on Carers' Rights Day, we focused on supporting people to prepare for the future through our theme: ‘Caring for Your Future’.

The session included highlights from Northamptonshire Carers about carers' employment rights and support available; the importance of power of attorney and making a will; a working carer's story; the mental health impact of caring; young carers; and more.

Dr Hannah Barham-Brown – See Me First (October 2023)

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Dr Hannah Barham-Brown – See Me First

We were delighted to welcome Dr Hannah Barham-Brown for this Leadership Matters Conversations session entitled See Me First: Disability Does Not Mean Inability.

Hannah is a GP registrar in Yorkshire, Council Member of the British Medical Association, and Deputy Leader of the Women’s Equality Party with the portfolio for ‘Making Change Happen’.

Alongside her clinical and political work, she is heavily in demand as a speaker and Chair, focused on employment, disability and LGBTQI issues, in venues from the House of Lords to international publishing companies. She is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and works to support disabled and LGBTQI people in politics, employment, travel, health, and education.

You can watch any previous session from our Leadership Matters Conversations series, dating back to March 2021, on our Leadership Matters Conversations YouTube playlists.

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"What an amazing session. Fascinating evidence linking compassion and inclusion to outcomes, incredibly relevant and poignant today and Professor West's presentation style is incredibly engaging."


"Absolutely excellent – simply brilliant! Very much of the moment – what we need to hear as we move towards ICS and system leadership."


"Fantastic session and lots of take-aways."


"Thanks for organising these events. These are interesting and relevant topics and provide an opportunity to connect with colleagues."


"Good length – one hour. Good quality speaker, well rehearsed. Good amount of time for questions."