Working together

Our vision

Across Integrated Care Northamptonshire we have agreed a shared vision:

"We want to work better together to make Northamptonshire a place where people are active, confident and empowered to take personal responsibility for good health and wellbeing, with quality integrated support and services available for them when they need help."

Our key aims

Together as an integrated care system we are working in partnership towards four nationally defined key aims:

1. Improve outcomes in population health and healthcare

Delivering better health and wellbeing outcomes for the population of Northamptonshire, by providing the right services to support the needs of our communities and supporting people to prevent ill-health.

2. Tackle inequalities in outcomes, experience and access

Working to tackle unfair and avoidable differences in people’s health, their access to health services, and their ability to prevent illness –as well as the factors which cause these differences.

3. Enhance productivity and value for money

Ensuring that local health and care services are effective and sustainable for the future through coordinated decision-making, planning, delivery and monitoring.

4. Help the NHS support broader social and economic development

Close partnership working between the NHS, local authorities and other partners to address the social and economic factors affecting people’s health and wellbeing –including through our roles as major local employers and stewards of public land and buildings.

National priorities

The national ask is to focus on the following three key broad priorities:

Recover our core services and productivity

Recovery of our core services will be the focus of our 2023/24 Operational Plan. These core services areurgent and emergency care, community health services, primary care, elective care, cancer, diagnostics, maternity and neonatal services, and use of resources.

Progress delivery of the key ambitions of the NHS Long Term Plan

Other areas of focus are the key ambitions set out in the NHS Long Term Plan. These are mental health, people with learning disability and autistic people, embedding measures to improve health and reduce inequalities, investing in our workforce, and digital and system working.

Continue transforming the NHS for the future

As an ICS we will continue to transform our services to meet the needs of our population.

Local priorities

Northamptonshire Integrated Care Partnership has worked collaboratively and engaged with local communities to develop a series of ambitions and outcome priorities for Northamptonshire, as set out in the Integrated Care Partnership Live Your Best Life Strategy 2023-33.pdf [pdf] 22MB.

We have 10 ambitions to support the people of Northamptonshire to live their best life. The ICP Live Your Best Life Strategy focuses on improving a set of outcomes for the health, care and wellbeing of local people which will meet these ambitions.

These were identified because it is these outcomes that really matter to people; we are collectively responsible for; we can only change by aligning our ambition; and we can only change by aligning our resources and how we do this together.

NHS Northamptonshire Integrated Care Board is working to support the delivery of all 10 ‘Live Your Best Life’ ambitions; however, based on health inequalities data, the ICB has also prioritised driving improvement in three of the 10 ambitions. They are:

  • Best start in life

  • Opportunity to be fit, well and independent

  • Access to health and social care when needed

Get involved

If you would like to know how you can get involved in helping to develop the work of Integrated Care Northamptonshire, please visit our engagement and involvement pages.