Keeping our communities safe


Our Quality Team are focused on working with services to ensure quality for all of our population. Our three quality priorities are:

  • Patient safety is monitored across the county to ensure the risk of negative outcomes are minimised, and that where they do occur, lessons are learnt, shared and embedded
  • Patient experience of NHS care across the county is monitored to ensure lessons are learnt, shared and embedded
  • Clinical effectiveness is assured by supporting and encouraging continuous improvement in the quality of services provided. This includes a focus on safety and ensuring services are effective

A key part of our assurance process is the countywide strategic clinical quality review meeting (SCQRM). This well-established meeting works in partnership to improve the quality of care. 



It is the responsibility of every NHS organisation to ensure that people in vulnerable circumstances are safe and receive the highest possible standard of care. 

Our safeguarding strategy sets out how we plan to ensure all services we commission comply with statutory safeguarding requirements. You can read our safeguarding strategy by following the below link:

Northamptonshire ICB Safeguarding Strategy 2022-23 [pdf] 255KB

Safeguarding Annual Report 2022-23.pdf [pdf] 684KB

Looked After Children Annual Report 2022-23.pdf [pdf] 529KB

Northamptonshire Safeguarding Children Partnership's Annual Reporrts

The quality and safeguarding team ensure that there are robust structures, systems, standards and an assurance framework which enables compliance with legal and local government arrangements.

For more information on safeguarding visit:


Modern slavery

The Modern Slavery Act 2015 was established to ensure that supply chains are free from modern slavery (slavery, servitude, human trafficking and forced and compulsory labour). 

We fully support the government’s objectives to eradicate modern slavery and human trafficking and encourage our colleagues to undertake training such as that developed by Health Education England, Identifying and Supporting Victims of Modern Slavery

To support the understanding of Modern Slavery, NHS England have produced a video which highlights the relevance and impact on healthcare:

What you can do

If you identify a potential victim, they can be referred to the National Referral Mechanism to be formally identified as a victim of modern slavery and offered Government funded support. Referral for potential adult victims is by consent.

The Modern Slavery Helpline is 0800 0121 700.