Thousands in Northamptonshire invited to book COVID-19 and flu jabs this autumn | Latest updates

Thousands in Northamptonshire invited to book COVID-19 and flu jabs this autumn

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The NHS in Northamptonshire is urging those eligible for COVID-19 vaccines and flu jabs to come forward to top up their protection as soon as possible. The vaccines can be administered together, at the same appointment. Both are vitally important to staying well this winter.

In Northamptonshire, over 280,000 people are eligible for free COVID-19 and flu vaccines.The NHS is working quickly to ensure as many eligible people as possible are vaccinated and protected by the end of October.

Those that can get both the free COVID-19 and flu vaccines include everyone aged 65 and over, pregnant women, adults and children (aged 6 months and over) with certain health conditions, health and social care staff, carers and residents of care homes for older people.

If you are eligible, you can book an appointment on the NHS website or the NHS App, visit a local drop-in clinic or call 119 to give yourself the best protection against severe illness and hospitalisation.

Parents of children aged 2 and 3 (on 31 August) should book a nasal spray flu vaccine for their child at their local GP surgery.

To make getting jabs easier and closer to home for as many people as possible, dozens of pharmacies and GP practices across Northamptonshire will be offering COVID-19 and flu jabs. In addition, a mobile vaccination service is visiting various locations around the county.

The NHS winter flu and COVID-19 vaccination programme provides vital protection to those eligible and their families as the colder weather approaches, keeping people from becoming seriously ill and reducing their risk of needing hospital treatment.

Chris Pallot, Director of Operations at NHS Northamptonshire Integrated Care Board said:

“We want to protect as many people and families as possible. Vaccinations are our best defence against COVID-19 and flu and we are making every effort to be ready for winter. The defence the vaccines give us wears off over time and with COVID-19 and flu in circulation, everyone eligible needs to top-up their protection.

“It is safe and effective to receive the flu and COVID-19 jabs at the same time, which is how many patients received their vaccines last year. There is no need to delay getting one or the other – getting your seasonal vaccines is vital so book yours in as soon as you can and encourage your eligible friends and family to do so too. Let’s keep Northamptonshire safe this winter.”

Further information about winter vaccinations can be found online at


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