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Caring for Your Future this Carers' Rights Day

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Integrated Care Northamptonshire has partnered up with Northamptonshire Carers to celebrate Carer Rights Day this year. We are running a fantastic virtual workshop session entitled ‘Caring for Your Future’ as part of our Leadership Matters Conversation series.

If you help support or care for a friend or family member, come along and learn about what rights you are entitled to.

The Caring for Your Future event will start at 1pm on Thursday 23 November and is broken down into five short sessions.

The first session will be hosted by Northamptonshire Carers and its aim is to highlight the support available for working carers. This session will cover:

  • What help is available to working carers
  • Information on carers assessments
  • Employers for Carers Fund
  • The mental health impact of being a carer
  • Young carers

The second session will look at the power of attorney and making a will, while the third session will hear from a working carer who joins us to share her experiences.

In the fourth session we will offer three ‘listening booths’ for people to choose from and learn more about a particular subject during small breakout sessions. The three booths will cover:

  • Carers passports
  • Caring and the cost-of-living crisis
  • How employers can support working carers

The final session will give you the chance to provide feedback on the session, share what you have learned and ask any questions.

Caring for a loved one is a full-time job, and often one people do on top of their own full-time job. The emotional toll it can have on you is massive and sometimes more impactful than the physical demands of being a career. All of us at ICN and Northamptonshire Carers want to applaud the amazing work, time and energy carers put into their roles. We want to help you help yourself and understand exactly what support is available to these, often, unsung heroes.

Register online for Caring for Your Future


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